this man is the definition of a uniform fettish 

Pedro Pascal at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)


Scrap Metal T-Rex

Chris Pratt behind-the-scenes, Men’s Fitness July-August 2014 [x]

"You did have a gratuitous shaving scene back in the pilot." (x)


Sasquatch! Music Festival 2012 at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington on May 28

photos by: Tim Mosenfelder


and if i end up with blood on my hands, well, i know you’ll understand ‘cause i fight like a girl

hello yes i am in love with america chavez


Killer Whale → (©


Totem (n.): An elegant solution to keeping track of reality.

#god if inception had been a book we would’ve gotten all the backstory on all of these characters and not just random robert fischer and mal/cobb stuff #why did ariadne become an architect #why did she stay #tell me about the relationship between michael caine’s character and ariadne #tell me all the arthur/eames backstory and the eames/yusuf backstory #why are arthur and eames’ totems both gambling-related #tell me how saito came to power and why he seems to have so much of it #TELL ME EVERYTHING